Guards in the bush

We have met numerous people during game drives, who had problems to distinguish colour-heads from stripe-heads (we are wrong too, from time to time) but we’ve never met anybody who was unable to denominate and recognize a giraffe. Everbody knows the animal with its long neck and its particular marking. This marking enables you to distinguish the species concerned. Often, we have discussed about the most beautiful sub-species and change opinion frequently. Generally, we doubt between the reticulated giraffe, the rothschild or the thornicroft.

Often, giraffes are spotted in groups of four or more. It’s interesting to know that giraffes change groups frequently. That is why a group of giraffes is called “a journey of giraffes” The composition of a journey can vary from day to day. Unlike practically all other mammals, we never heard any tone of voice from a giraffe. Only once, we’ve met a ranger, who heard a sound from a giraffe in agony (chased by lions). Frequently, other animals are found close to giraffes. Due to their enormous height, they can keep a close eye to the environment and the other animals pay attention to the body language of the giraffes, warning them in time for approaching danger… guards in the bush.

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