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Although the habitats of the Thomson´s gazelle and springboks are completely different, in terms of their build and looks they much look like each other. Confusion is not really possible because the Thomson’s lives mainly in Kenya and Tanzania, east of the Rift Valley and the Springboks live in southern Africa.

The Thomson’s gazelle is a medium sized antelope and mostly light brown, the belly, chest and inner legs are white. On the flanks (sides of the body) is a broad dark band. In contrast to impalas both male and female have ringed horns, with which the female are considerably smaller than the male.

They feed mainly on grass, but in the dry season, they eat plants and leaves of shrubs. The needed moisture is retrieved from their main food, but when enough water is around, they will drink daily. In the wet season they live in herds of several dozens to hundreds of animals, which during the dry season can quickly grow into herds of sometimes thousands of animals, often along with zebras and wildebeests.

The Thomson’s gazelle is extremely fast and agile, and reaches speeds of up to 80 km per hour. Despite its speed and manoeuvrability, this gazelle is the main prey of the fast cheetah and wild dogs, but other predators such as lions and hyenas also have , the Thomson’s on the menu.

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