Cubs playing in Kruger

It was a cold morning in Kruger NP, S100 when we met a big pride with lots of youngsters. Wonderful to see those guys playing and enjoying the first morning lights.


Picture taken by Rene Bol.



Etosha NP, Namibia

It was a hot summer day and Etosha Pan was burning. We loved to see these beautiful herd of oryx.


Picture taken by Bianca Mallegrom.



29.7.2009; 8.20AM
Sabi Sands GR
27.7.2006; 10.46AM
Serengeti NP

About Africawildlife

Africa.. Is it a passion, an addiction or just an infection? During our trips to Africa, we make recordings of our sightings with photo and video cameras. These images are not only a beautiful and precious memory, but above all something to share with anyone who wants to. With these images we try to show how valuable the African wildlife is for this planet. It is so valuable that we should not deal with it too lightly. We therefore hope that our pictures and movies contribute to the perception that man should invest to save African wildlife. 

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