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Annekarien is married with René and it was her idea to visit Africa. In 2006 they booked their first journey to Kenya and Tanzania. Annekarien makes most of the video footage and since 2010 she decided to film in Full HD. See this page to read about het personal big 6, her greatest sightings and more.

In Sabi Sands

South Africa

In our camp

Savute Channel



Annekarien's Big 6

(1) Lion

Definitely my number one. They are so impressive!

(2) Leopard

Best sightings in Kruger NP and Sabi Sands GR with our ranger Philip.

(3) Cheetah

First very good cheetah sighting was in Ngorongoro, Tanzania. Beautiful cat!

(4) Wild Dog

I would love to see them more, but they are very endangered.

(5) Elephant

Can't stop watching elephants. They are so huge.

(6) Giraffe

So unmistakable part of the bush.


Finest sightings


A cheetah and a baby springbok

First we see the birth a springbok, a new life. Then our friend Toff sees a cheetah approaching the sighting. Full of excitement we witnessed the attack of the cheetah and the will to survive of the baby springbok. There he goes! What a great speed! I hoped the springbok would survive and it did! We missed a kill, but the sighting was thrilling.



Five lions on the road

After a tremendous day full of game driving we headed back to Skukuza Camp in Kruger. We were almost there when we saw something on the road in front of us. But what? When we had a closer look we saw five lions approaching us. They were amazing! Truly kings and queens of the bush. They were so close that I could touch them. This was a fabulous experience.


Our very own leopard

Driving between Skukuza and Lower Sabie René sees something crossing the road far away. I thought it was a baboon, but Rene was pretty sure it was something else. We drove a bit fast and we were just in time to see a leopard climbing up a tree with a dead impala. We were in a few meters from the leopard and could see it all. We've spent almost an hour with the leopard. Great sighting!



The pride of 24

We decided to book an organized game drive from Satara Camp in Kruger. On the S100 we found a big pride of lions with so many cubs. It was so cute! We didn't no where to look. The lions were everywhere and especially the cubs were so adorable! I really wanted to take one home. We've spent about an hour with the pride of 24 lions before the disappeared in the bushes.


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Sighting Wishlist

  • A kill by a big cat
  • Birth of a mammal
  • Mating elephants

Nice parks

  • Moremi GR (Okavango), Botswana
  • Chobe NP,Botswana
  • Kruger NP, South Africa
  • Serengeti NP, Tanzania
  • Sabi Sands GR, South Africa
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