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Bianca is very active on Facebook with uploading photos and sharing memories with lots of other people. She is married with Izaak and she makes most of their photography. After a visit to Kenya and Tanzania she also lost her heart in Africa. See this page to read about het personal big 6, her greatest sightings and more.

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In the desert


Okavango Delta 

Moremi Botswana

Bianca's Big 6

(1) Leopard

Strong cat! Most sightings in Sabi Sands GR.

(2) Cheetah

Beautiful and graceful cat. Sounds like a twittering bird!

(3) Lion

So lazy! It's the challenge to see them in full action.

(4) Elephant

We had some close encounters. They are so massive!

(5) Wild dog

Most effective hunter. Always on the move.

(6) Rhino

Everytime I see one, I think: yes, this one is still alive!


Finest sightings

Battle at Big Dam in Sabi Sands GR

An impala was chased into the water by pack of wild dogs. The dam was full of hippos and they decided to help the impala. But it didn't work. The impala drowned and when we returned later to the dam, the wild dogs have eaten it after all.



Christmas safari 2010

With our friends on a tented safari through Botswana. It was awesome. Many, many good sightings and lots of fun. 


Cheetah sightings in Kenya

During our first trip to Africa we were lucky to see many sightings of cheetahs in Kenya. On that moment we didn't realize how special these sightings can be. We thought it was pretty normal to have lots of cheetah sightings. Hopefully we will see cheetah soon in South Africa. 



My first leopard sighting

Still remember my first leopard sighting. It was in Kenya with a cub and prey up in a tree. At first we only saw the leopard and its prey. We didn't see the cub, so imagine how great it was as soon as we saw it. 


Nice videos (from others)

  • Lions Kill Elephant - Madikwe Attack
  • Apples in the tent

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Sighting Wishlist

  • Cheetahs in South Africa
  • Mating elephants
  • Leopard cub with blue eyes
  • A Brown hyena sighting
  • An aardvark sighting
  • A porcupine sighting
  • On safari with friends

Nice parks

  • Sabi Sands GR, South Africa; the leopards and only 3 cars at a sighting
  • Central Kalahari GR, Botswana; it's so beautiful like the skies in the rain season
  • Etosha NP, Namibia; beautiful plains and lots of water holes 
  • Moremi GR, Botswana; this is Africa!
  • Kruger NP, South Africa, easy traveling and lots of game
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