The Kalahari Ferrari

One of our guides wore a t-shirt with an image of a cheetah and on top of it the self-explanatory text : Kalahari Ferrari. And that’s absolutely true. For numerous people spotting a cheetah at top speed is the summit of a gamedrive. The cheetah is the fastest terrestrial on earth, being able to reach a top speed of no less than 120 km/h. Unfortunately its physical condition is less impressive than its top speed, which means that it can only only keep up this speed for a short while. That is why cheetahs approach their prey as near as they can before making the final sprint. After this unbelievable effort a cheetah needs to relax for a while and he will not be able to eat its prey or defend it. It happens regularly, straight after the kill, that other animals try and steal the prey.

As far as we are concerned, the cheetah is one of the most beautiful animals of the African savannah. Its powerful and streamlined body indicates SPEED. The tears under its eyes make the animal both vulnerable and beautiful. At least, this is what we sensed when a female cheetah walked unto us gracefully. A genuine “catwalk”

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