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Under safari-goers the hyena is not very popular. Supposedly cartoons like “Lion King”and the image-forming of this animal being a scavenger do not do a lot of good to the common opinion. This has surprised us more than once. Probably the hyena is not the most beautiful animal, yet one of the most fascinating of entire Africa. Why ? well, always something seems to happen when a hyena shows up. One will hardly ever find a sleeping hyena in the grass (the favourite hobby of the lion) or lounging about a tree. A hyena is always busy and he can look so terribly mean. That is exactly why the hyena is one of our favourites.

We have, for example, seen mating hyenas (they are really flexible…) but also hyenas being busy to keep away hundreds of vultures from the carcass of a hippo. One of the nicest experiences was a hyena, successfully expelling a leopard out of a tree , in order to snatch its prey. The picture became really complete, when even elephants turned against the hyena, What a great experience ! Hyenas are a must-see for all safari-goers.

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