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In the last years we've visited many parks all over Africa. During our stay in these parks we've seen many, many wildlife. Based on our own experience we have indicated the chance on sightings of the big 5 and some other interesting mammals in these parks during a stay of three days. But don't forget: the bush is like fishing; sometimes they bite, sometimes they don't. We think that a stay of at least three days gives the best chances to see lots. We have divided the chance on sightings in: none, poor, rare, regular, good and excellent. See below for an example of 4 of the big 5.

We will also indicate by the number of beds, for how many nights we've spent in or around the park of your choice. Then you know how reliable our chance on a sighting really is :-)

1 to 3 nights: 

4 to 10 nights: 

11 to 25 nights: 

26 nights or more: 

Unfortunately we will not give any information about rhino sightings. Click here if you like to know why.

Select a park or an animal in the menus on the right and find out yourself! See photos and movies (we've made them ourselves) of the animals and enjoy. 









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