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Izaak is married with Bianca and after the stories of Annekarien and Rene they also decided to visit Africa. It must have happened somewehere in Tanzania or Kenya when the african fly has bitten them. Since then they are addicted to Africa. Izaak makes the video footage and has writtend quite some texts for the website. See this page to read more about him. 

In Etosha


Vic Falls

Zambia Side


Savute Camp

Izaak's Big 6

(1) Leopard

My most wanted to see! Still remember my first sighting.

(2) Lion

Despite the huge naps, still the king of the jungle.

(3) Wild dog

Was 'the big unknown' to me. Lucky to have regular sightings.

(4) Cheetah

Thought it was normal to see lots after our first trip, now I now better.

(5) Elephant

Mighty, huge and powerful. Can easily spend hours with them

(6) Birds of Prey

Powerful! Take some time and don't miss them. They are there!


Finest sightings

The S100 Mega Pride

We saw them resting, interacting and killing a wildebeast. What a killing machine! Probably the same as Annekarien and Rene saw when the cubs were still cubs...



Leopard climbing a tree

Yes, I love to see this! A leopard climbing a tree with its prey. Can't get enough of it!


Okaukuejo by night

One of the best waterholes I've ever seen. It's Okaukuejo Camp in Etosha NP. I could easily spend all night watching animals go by.



Birthday in a balloon

On our first trip to Africa (yes, we look so young), it was my birthday. And we celebrated in a hot air balloon just above the Masai Mara! Something never to forget!


Nice videos (from others)

  • Lions vs Wild dogs
  • African Wild Dogs Hunting Impala in Moremi Game Reserve - Botswana
  • Pumba bites the dust Leopard kills Warthog; NOT for sensitive viewers)
  • Male lion playing with cubs at Shamwari
  • Mom and 6 cheetah cubs playing

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Sighting Wishlist

  • Definitely my number one: lions killing a grown up buffalo
  • Lioness carrying a cub in her mouth
  • Making a movie from my tent while watching a kill in the camp
  • In the middle of the bush between all kind of mammals all around me
  • Actually sightings of all animals in a 'new way', like eating, mating, killing
  • A brown hyena sighting
  • An aardvark sighting
  • A pangolin sighting

Nice parks

  • Sabi Sands GR, South Africa; because of the great leopard sightings, knowledgeable rangers and respect for the bush
  • Kruger NP, South Africa; easy accessible  and lots of game
  • Savute, Botswana; lots of good sightings all year round
  • Etosha NP, Namibia; Beautiful park with different game. Just visit the waterholes and lots of game is almost guarenteed
  • Moremi GR, Botswana; 'The real bush feeling'
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