Sometimes so hard to spot

The leopard is quite common in countries south of the African Sahara, but is sometimes very hard to spot. From the big five, it's definitely the hardest mammal to spot. One of the major reasons is that the leopard lives solitarily and that it is a territorial animal. This means that in a relatively big area one needs to look after that one single leopard. A genuine needle in a haystack. The size of its territory depends on the amount of food available. Only during the mating season leopards join, but the male leopard leaves the raising of the cubs to the female.

Starting-up spotters often mix up leopards with cheetahs, but taking a closer look, one will soon find significant differences . The leopard hasn’t got the characteristic “tears” under the eyes and the marking is totally different : leopards have rosettes and cheetahs dark spots.

One of the best areas to see leopards is definitely Sabi Sands GR in the Greater Kruger NP. This area is famous for its regular very good leopard sightings.

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