The king of the jungle

Of all big cats, the lion is the easiest to be spotted. This is mainly because of their laziness. It’s quite possible that a pride of lions that you spotted under a tree in the morning, will still be there at evening, probably 10 metres further, in the shadow, but that’s it. Lions mainly hunt at night, or sometimes during daytime, provided it’s not too hot. They live in fairly big prides, that can consist of more than 25 animals, although it won’t happen a lot that you’ll spot such a big pride. Generally the prides that one will spot consist of no more than 10 lions.

One of the most phantastic spots, in our opinion, is the mating of lions. Generally the lioness starts the ceremony by yawning expressively and by approaching the male. They give heads, growl a bit and before you know it’s happened. In Kruger we’ve once followed a couple in love for 3 days. The lioness is rutted for about three to four days and “it” has to happen during this period. In those few days the couple mates hundreds of times, sometimes up to 4 times per hour and almost don’t eat or drink anything. Why lions make love so often is not exactly clear to us. A reason could be that just one out of three matings results in descendants.

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