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The website has been made by René. He takes care of the editorship of the site too. René is married with Annekarien. Some years ago, we made the “mistake” of booking a journey to Kenya and Tanzania. There, we have lost our hearts to this beautiful continent and now we are addicted to the beauty of the African bush, but above all to the rich wildlife. Since that first journey, we have visited numerous countries, such as South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Malawi and the Republic of Zambia. During these travels, René takes nearly all pictures.


In Botswana

Kalahari GR

Our camp

Savute Channel

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Madikwe GR

Rene's Big 6

(1) Wild Dog

Not understood, yet great! First spotted in May 2009 south of Lower Sabie.


(2) Lion

If they didn't sleep so much, they would probably be my number 1. 


(3) Leopard

Over the years we had many leopard sightings. Best places: South Luangwa & Kruger.


(4) Hyena

As soon as Hyena hits the place, always something happens. Love these animals.


(5) Elephant

The one to be feared when on game drive by our own. Impressive animal.


(6) Cheetah

Doubting a lot about cheetah. Giraffes are also great.  Fewest sightings of all big cats.


Finest sightings


A full speed cheetah on Christmas Eve

Watching a newborn springbok surviving the attack of a full speed cheetah on Christmas Eve. We were toasting on Annekarien's birthday in the middle of the Kalahari with our friends Izaak, Bianca and Toff. Definitely one of my best sightings ever, because everyting came together. Only good memories!



Safari killing an impala

One of the most legendary leopards of the Sabi Sands GR is definitely Safari. We were very lucky to see her for the first time on a kill. Safari killed an impala, dragged it up in a tree and started feeding. It was very exciting because it was all dark and we were waiting for the moment. Great sighting.


They were everywhere

On a cold morning we were driving from Skukuza to Lower Sabie when we bumped into hunting wild dogs. The dogs were creating complete chaos. Antilopes were running everywhere chased by the dogs. We decided to follow one of the dogs and he brought us to a kill. We found this pack three days in a row in the same area, but the first day was the best.



A roaring lion

We were driving a bit fast in the Timbavati GR in an open vehicle. Within minutes we found a lion full of scratches just a few meters from the car. As a response on a call of his brother (which we found a bit later) the lion start roaring. Woh, that was incredible. You could feel the sound through your whole body! Loved it.


Nice videos (from others)

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Sighting Wishlist

  • Mating elephants
  • A good caracal sighting
  • Lions and buffalo fight
  • A poacher being arrested

Nice parks

  • Kruger NP, South Africa
  • Kalahari GR, Botswana
  • South Luangwa, Zambia
  • Moremi GR, Botswana
  • Serengeti NP, Tanzania
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